• Slasher Mowers, Roller Mowers & Blower Mowers
  • Available as Tractor or Trailer Mounted - Click here for full details!
  • Built for chipping prunings whilst travelling down citrus or nut tree rows
  • Available in both Tractor & Trailor mounted versions. Click for full details.
  • Available as pure chipper or chipper / grinder combo. Click for full details.
  • All jobs made to order! Custom built to size requirement.
  • Tilt-able grapple with shear / fixed and replaceable blade - ideal for tree felling!
  • The best solution to producing your own wood shavings for horse, chicken or pig bedding!
  • Cut 750mm - The Shortest 750 Mower in the business!! - Ideal for better and easier manouverability!
  • Wright Mowers stand out from the rest - find out more here!
  • Tractor Mounted Compost Turner - our answer to practical, effective, efficient, simple, strong, durable turner for all applications.
  • Ritlee's most popular hand fed chipper - ideal for residential services!
  • Ideal for entry-level biomass production, lot / land clearing and large tree services!

Our Products

RITLEE 225 TRAILOR MOUNTED WOODCHIPPER RITLEE 225 TRACTOR MOUNTED WOODCHIPPER RITLEE 225 TRAILOR MOUNTED WITH GRINDER Ritlee Junior 100 Grinder / Chipper Ritlee Compost Turner Ritlee Wood Shaver Ritlee 750 Rotary Lawnmower Ritlee Super Vac 650 Cleaner Ritlee Ritlee Water Porter
  Ritlee Trommel Screen (Built to Size) Ritlee Compost Trommel Screen (Built to size) Ritlee Slasher   Ritlee Roller Mower / Blower Mower Ritlee Hay Cutters - Windrow & Spreaders Ritlee Mulchers - Orchard / Crop / Grass      
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Backhus A30 (16:30)
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Intermercato Buckets,
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Morbark Handfed
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Morbark Handfed
Morbark Handfed
MR20 Chipper  
Morbark Stump
Morbark / Boxer Mini
Tracked Multi Utility 
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Supported by AfrEquip

About US

The Birth of Ritlee Industrial & Agricultural Equipment Sales

Marc Custers started Ritlee Sales and Service in the lawnmower business back in 1984 from his dining room table. Ritlee marketed lawnmowers for the industrial and farmer market where Ritlee's most popular mower was and still is their 750mm rotary self propelled unit. Their Ritlee 750 rotary mower is exceptionally popular at Municipal Parks Departments, Contractors Education, Farms, Industry etc.  

Growth & Expansion

Ritlee acquired the Morbark South African Distributor agreement back in 1990 when they mostly sold the Morbark Self Powered Drum Style Wood Chipper and Disc Style Wood Chipper. This went quite well for SA Conditions.
Next Morbark also gave Ritlee their Whole Tree Wood Chipper, their Wood Grinder, Waste Grinder, Hog Grinder, Tub Grinder, Grapple feed wood chipper, Whole tree chippers, Stump grinder, Mill Waste Grinder, Debarker, Flail Debarker, Pole Peeler, Post Pole Peeler, Screens, Stationary Chipper, Chip Pacs machines to market in Africa. This Morbark agency has worked so well with Ritlee that Morbark is one of the leading brands for wood chippers, wood grinders and organic waste grinders here in Southern Africa.

In April 2013, AfrEquip - a supplier of premium forestry equipment (located in Pietermaritzbug and Nelspruit) was appointed by Morbark to sell, support and service their Industrial Range of equipment together with Ritlee.
During early 2000, Nick Custers joined up with Ritlee, and is now also a partner in Ritlee. During March 2011 John Hodgson joined our sales force and May, 2011 Leigh Custers and Daniel joined Ritlee in the sales, spares and management department.
From October 2013, Leo Franse will be part of Ritlee's team to assist with sales and technical support for Ritlee in KZN.

Ritlee has added to their import range of equipment which includes: The Wright range of Ride on lawn mowers, Wright Walk behind lawn mowers, Wright Stand On lawn mowers with rotary cut up to 1,51 Meter. These Wright machines are all hydraulic drive on wheels and drive to blades through safety electric clutch. Ritlee also Proudly Represent the Barber Range of Beach Cleaning equipment which has both Tractor drawn models and walk behind beach cleaners.

Ritlee are also proud to market the popular Backhus and Boxer range of equipment.  [READ MORE]

Ritlee Sales & Marketing

Our best Salesmen are our products themselves working at Citrus Farms, Mac Farms, Avo Farms, Municipalities, Landfill sites, Industry, Bio Fuel Customers, Wood Chip Customers, Wood Grinding Customers. Where we can, we are so confident of our product, that we offer our customer that if he is 100% genuinely interested in our wood chipper, then we will come do demo at his venue - If successful we leave with payment if not we leave with machine with No Obligation to buy at all!